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Letter to the Editor: Farm Bureau encourages eligible voters to cast ballots next month



As a young farmer, I know a lot can change in eight years. You can finish high school and college. You can begin a career, decide where to live, and start a family. Georgians under the age of 26 have only known one governor since they became eligible to vote.


A lot has changed in agriculture during the past eight years. Farmers and agribusinesses are using advanced technology to grow our food and get it safely on your plates. Many rural communities across our state don't have access to reliable broadband, so farmers and agribusiness owners often have to scramble to find patchwork solutions to access the Internet to order supplies or reach our customers. When so much of the business world relies on the Internet, this puts those of us in rural Georgia at a disadvantage.


Georgia's next governor will make decisions that determine the future of rural Georgia in regards to health care, education, broadband access, roads, and economic development. Decisions made on these issues, taxes and regulatory policy will determine if I can continue farming and pass my family farm on to my kids without sacrificing basic aspects of modern life metro residents take for granted. Too many talented young people move away from rural Georgia every year because of lack of jobs and opportunity.


I encourage the younger members of Georgia's ag community to research both candidates for governor, then make an educated decision when you vote Nov. 6. Georgia Farm Bureau has developed a website — www.ifarmivoteGa.com -- that introduces both candidates and their positions on the issues important to rural voters. The site can also help voters find their local voting precinct. By voting on Nov. 6, you have the chance to shape the future of rural Georgia.



Walt Pridgen

Coffee County Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Chair

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