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GACCE announces Douglas-Coffee County Chamber as Georgia Certified Chamber

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GACCE announces Douglas-Coffee County Chamber as Georgia Certified Chamber Submitted photo

On Thursday November 18, the Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce was recognized as a Georgia Certified Chamber during the GACCE 2021 Volunteer Leader Conference in Augusta, GA. The Georgia Certified Chamber Program is one of the most prestigious programs for chambers and recognizes those that meet specific standards of excellence. There are only 58 Georgia Chambers that meet these standards out of 150 Chambers of Commerce throughout the State of Georgia. Lisa Hodge, former executive director devoted much time preparing the submission of the application for certification.


The Georgia Certified Chamber program was created in 2011 by the GACCE Board of Directors as a way to recognize Chambers of Commerce in the state that have focused internally on their operations to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to create efficient, effective organizations positioned to deliver great value. 


The purpose of the program is to facilitate continuing excellence in the Chamber of Commerce industry and to foster a pro-business environment across the State of Georgia. Chambers must meet standards in organization, service intent and capacity, professional administration, financial management, communications, and advocacy in order to achieve the designation. 


With over 150 Chambers of Commerce in the State of Georgia, the Douglas-Coffee County Chamber was one of 16 Chambers recognized as Georgia Certified Chambers during the 2021 Volunteer Leader Conference in Augusta. The prestigious honor distinguishes the high quality, expertise, and strong leadership displayed by accredited Chambers. Over 50 Chambers of Commerce have been recognized with this distinction over the past nine years.

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