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Larue Sheffield trial begins this week, jury selection underway

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Featured Larue Sheffield file photo Larue Sheffield

Jury selection in the Larue Sheffield trial has begun. Sheffield is accused of the murder of his wife, Edith Sheffield, who was killed in a house fire that took place on Jan. 18, 2013. Edith Sheffield’s body was found in the home the following day during the investigation of the fire. Officers determined that Edith had been shot with a shotgun before the fire erupted.


Attorneys will spend today selecting a jury. After a jury is seated, opening arguments will begin. The trial is expected to take two to three days.


Sheffield’s defense team filed a motion requesting a change of venue. Friday, Superior Court Judge Kelly Brooks denied the motion; however, he said he would revisit his decision if 12 impartial jurors could not be found.


In 2016, a six-person jury in Waycross awarded Sheffield $270,000 after his insurance company, State Farm, disputed Larue’s claim for damages following the fire. State Farm paid Sheffield $260,000 for the house and an additional $10,000 for property destroyed in the fire.


Three years later, Sheffield was arrested and charged with Edith Sheffield’s murder. He has remained in the Coffee County Jail ever since.

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