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Satilla Riverkeeper organizes clean-up, disposes of over a ton of trash

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Chris Bertrand Submitted photo Chris Bertrand

Every year, the Satilla Riverkeeper hosts a river-wide cleanup to pick up trash alongside the Satilla River.


This year the Riverkeeper mobilized 42 volunteers to pick up 2,648 pounds of trash from the Satilla River.  The cleanup efforts stretched all throughout the Satilla River watershed covering 9 sites.


“People are more likely to litter in at a site that is already full of trash, but now that these sites are clean, we hope that people will think twice before littering” said Chris Bertrand, Satilla Riverkeeper.


Dumping and littering is a problem throughout the Satilla River watershed. Whether the litter is next to the river, on the street, or near your house, once heavy rains come, all of that trash is washed into streams and rivers. Once in streams and rivers, the trash harms water quality and wildlife.


Please help the Riverkeeper in keeping the Satilla River clean. Anytime you see litter, whether it is near your house or near the river, pick it up to help keep our waters healthy.


To learn more about the Satilla Riverkeeper visit

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