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Roscoe Allen jailed after allegedly violating his probation two weeks after getting out of jail

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Featured Roscoe Allen file photo Roscoe Allen

Two weeks. That’s how long Roscoe Allen to end up back in jail after his release in late April.


Wednesday morning, Allen was arrested for violating his probation after he pled guilty to two charges and was released from jail on April 20, 2021. He pled guilty to aggravated assault and aggravated stalking charges stemming from separate incidents that occurred in March of 2019 and July of 2020. Allen had been incarcerated since his arrest on aggravated stalking charges in the 2020 incident.


Allen was given 10 years’ probation and six months house arrest when he was released in April. The violation that landed him in jail was for allegedly violating the house arrest stipulation of his sentence. Not long after his release, Allen visited the Douglas Police Department to file a complaint against an officer. The nature of the complaint and the officer in question have not been released. Allen was allowed to leave his home to go to doctor’s appointments, attend church, and buy groceries. He was not, however, allowed to visit the police department.


What happens next remains unknown. Allen could be released on bond, kept in jail for a period of time, or his probation could be revoked, which would likely result in a lengthy prison sentence.

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