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Evidence in Wright murder trial showed defendant changed story three times

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Walter "Rusty" Wright was found guilty today of felony murder regarding the death of Oletha Brady. The trial began on Wednesday, January 16, and was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney John Rumker with Judge Andy Spivey presiding over the proceedings.


The evidence showed that shortly before 1 am on May 13, 2017, Wright called 911 claiming that Oletha Brady shot herself with his firearm and was unresponsive. A paramedic who arrived on the scene testified that Ms. Brady was already cool to the touch upon her arrival. Ms. Brady was shot once through the chest. 


Upon being interviewed by law enforcement, Wright changed his story. This time, he claimed that while they were having sex, his gun (attached to his ankle in a holster) accidentally discharged, somehow shooting Ms. Brady in the chest.


Approximately a month later, Wright was re-interviewed by law enforcement and recounted a third narrative. This time, he said that he was sitting on the floor and realized that his revolver had somehow become cocked. As he attempted to de-cock it, the firearm accidentally discharged, striking Ms. Brady, who was in the kitchen. 


The physical evidence showed that after striking Ms. Brady in the chest, the bullet followed a downwards trajectory (indicating that the shot was fired from above) and straight into the couch cushion (where she was actually located at the time of the fatal shot).


After deliberating for several hours, the jury acquitted Wright of malice murder but convicted him of felony murder. "Felony murder simply means causing the death of someone during the commission of a felony, in this case, aggravated assault," stated District Attorney George Barnhill. "The main difference is 'malice', but it is still murder."


DA Barnhill thanks the work of Special Agent Ben Collins, Investigators Jamie Hersey and Fred Cole, the GBI, Coffee County Sheriff's Office, and all officers and witnesses involved with bringing this case to justice. A sentencing hearing will be held on January 30 in front of Judge Spivey. 

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