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Police department: No suspicious activity at local Wal-Mart

Featured Police department: No suspicious activity at local Wal-Mart

This week, there have been multiple reports of suspicious activity at the Douglas Wal-Mart store. These reports have come primarily in the form of posts made on Facebook pages. The Douglas Police Department, with cooperation from Wal-Mart, has investigated these incidents. Thursday, police department personnel made the following post on its own Facebook page. In short, investigators have determined that the individuals who reported these incidents were not in any danger:


“Over this past week the Douglas Police Department has been made aware of several social media post, and has received reports from at least two young ladies that were made uncomfortable by the behavior of individuals at our local Wal-Mart. Both felt that they may have been being watched and/or followed. The Douglas Police Department and local Wal-Mart employees took the reports very seriously. We appreciate these women for coming forward and filing the reports. Investigators were able to view video surveillance from both incidents from the time all parties involved entered the store until the time they left. It was found that the individuals perceived to be watching and/or following these women were different in both cases and they are not believed to be related. After close review of the video investigators believe that the individuals in question were at Wal-Mart for the purpose of shopping. Although some of the interaction may have been misinterpreted, based on video surveillance, we do not believe that the two women were purposely being watched, followed, or at any time in any danger. Again the Douglas Police Department would like to thank these women for coming forward and allowing us to follow up on these incidents. We strongly encourage all of our Citizens to be aware of their surroundings and report any situation in which you feel like you are being unlawfully watched, followed, or in any way unsafe. Incidents can be reported to the Douglas Police Dept. at 912-384-2222, the Tips Line at 912-260-3600 or your local 911 center. Information can also be shared on the Department’s Face Book page at: https://www.facebook.com/DouglasGAPoliceDepartment.”

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