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$50 debt leads to gunfire, vehicle crash

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Kenjarvece Woodson Photo courtesy of the Coffee County Sheriff's Office Kenjarvece Woodson

On Monday, July 24, officers responded to a 911 call about a car crash on McDonald and East Cherry Street in Douglas. Upon arrival, an officer learned an individual had crashed his car into a light pole due to his vehicle allegedly being shot at by 40-year-old Kenjarvece Woodson. 



According to the Douglas Police Department report, the victim told the officer that Woodson was mad at him because he owed Woodson $50. Woodson allegedly had taken to social media to call out the victim for owing him the money so the individual went to Woodson’s house to speak with him about the Facebook post. This victim told the officer that after pulling up to Woodson’s home to discuss the matter, Woodson walked out to him with a gun. After seeing the gun, the individual stated he put his car in reverse and backed down the road. 



Some time later, the victim was at the In & Out gas station when he noticed Woodson riding by in his Chevy Suburban. According to the report, the individual then got back in his car to leave and pulled up to the red light. The report says that Woodson then pulled up to the passenger side of the individual’s car before he pointed his gun and started shooting and chasing the victim in his vehicle. 



In an attempt to escape Woodson’s gunfire, the individual stated he ended up hitting the light pole, saw that Woodson was coming back, and proceeded to run away and call 911. One thing the victim did notice during the incident was that Woodson was wearing his Walmart D.C. work shirt and assumed he was headed to work. 



The report states that while on the scene of the incident, Woodson and the victim made contact over the phone after Woodson continued on his way to work. According to the report, Woodson told the victim that he won’t miss next time. 



Officers then head to Walmart D.C. to find Woodson. Upon searching his vehicle in the parking lot, the report states that an officer did find one casing by the driver’s side door. According to Woodson’s claims, the individual that owed him the $50 wouldn’t leave him alone, had come to his home, and pulled a gun on him at some point. However, the report states that no gun was found in the victim’s vehicle or on him at the location of the car crash. 



Before being escorted out of his job by police officers, the report claims that Woodson did tell them he had a fellow employee take the gun to put away somewhere inside the building. An officer later found the 9mm handgun located inside a locker in Walmart D.C.



Woodson was placed under arrest and taken into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault and is still being held at the Coffee County Jail. 

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