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Willacoochee resident arrested on aggravated assault charges after allegedly brandishing two knives during fight at McDonald's

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Kaniyah McDuffie Photo courtesy of the Coffee County Sheriff's Office Kaniyah McDuffie

One of McDonald’s slogans from a few years ago stated “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’.” However, on June 22, there seemed to be an awful lot of hatin’ at the Douglas McDonald’s when a fight broke out between two patrons that ended with one allegedly cutting the other with a knife and landing in jail on aggravated assault charges.



Around 6 p.m. on June 23, a Douglas police officer responded to a fight call at McDonald’s. As the officer arrived, he saw Kaniyah McDuffie, 20, of Willacoochee, leaving the parking lot in a vehicle. Witnesses identified McDuffie as one of the combatants. The officer pulled McDuffie over and spoke with her.



According to the incident report, McDuffie said that her opponent in the fight, a teenager, had texted her about money. McDuffie knew the other party was at McDonald’s so she went there. The victim was in the bathroom so McDuffie went in, the report says. McDuffie maintained that they talked in the bathroom then went outside McDonald’s. At that point, she said, the other person swung at her and that’s when the fight began. The victim grabbed a broom, McDuffie said, so she grabbed a pair of knives. At that point, she stated that the fight ended.



However, the report says that the victim stated that McDuffie came in the bathroom and antagonized her. She then went outside; McDuffie followed her and hit her, she said. They started fighting. After the fight ultimately ended, the victim said she went inside, got a chair, and sat down. McDuffie went to her car and got the knives. The victim said that McDuffie approached her and tried to cut her. The victim said that one of the knives did catch her near her right elbow. The report says that there was a small cut in that location; however, there were numerous other marks on her due to the fight.



The report says that witnesses stated that the two women fought inside the bathroom then went outside and began fighting again. After it ended, the victim went inside and sat down. McDuffie, they said, retrieved two knives and approached the victim. They didn’t see McDuffie cut the victim but they saw her attempt to, the report says.



McDuffie was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. She was transported to the Coffee County Jail but has since been released.

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