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Mother, daughter charged after weekend altercation at convenience store

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Featured Jaqueline Williams Photo courtesy of the Coffee County Sheriff's Office Jaqueline Williams
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Jaqueline Williams, 35, was arrested and jailed in connection with an assault that occurred on Saturday, May 6, 2023, outside of the Adens Minit Mart on East Baker Highway. Her juvenile daughter, who also participated in the assault, was charged as well.



Witnesses videoed the incident, which made its rounds on social media during the weekend. In the video, Williams and her daughter can be seen fighting one of the store’s two clerks outside on the sidewalk. The victim had only been working at the store for three weeks. 



According to reports, three juveniles came into the store and got slushies. They paid for three but the clerk noticed that they actually had four (three small slushies and one medium). The clerk told the girls they had to pay for all four. The girls disputed that they had four. During the exchange, the clerk said she would just pay for the fourth slushie, which only cost $1. The girls left the store. (The customer who checked out after the girls actually paid for the fourth slushie.)



The clerk went outside to contact her boss, who was out of town at the time, to tell her what had just happened. While the clerk was outside, the other clerk came outside with the store’s phone. Williams, one of the girls’ mothers, was on the phone. Williams was upset and the clerk told her that she could come up to the store the following morning and talk to the manager, who would be in then. The incident report states that Williams was very irate on the phone and the clerk hung up on her.



A short time later, while the clerk was still outside, Williams pulled up to the store. As Williams arrived, several other people showed up on foot. The video that circulated only shows one altercation; however, the clerk maintains that two fights took place. The incident report, however, only mentions one fight. The clerk says that Williams and her daughter “jumped on her” by the icebox out front but got off of her fairly quickly. She got up and turned to go inside. But Williams had her by her jacket and wouldn’t let go. 



This is where the video picks up. Williams can be seen holding on to the clerk’s jacket. The clerk attempts to pull away and says, “Get off me.” Williams is talking to the clerk while she still holds on to her jacket. The clerk again yells, “Get off of me.” Then the clerk hits Williams. The person videoing can be heard saying, “Oh no, no!” The two begin fighting with Williams still holding the jacket. Williams’s daughter, a juvenile, immediately jumps in and the two beat the clerk. At one point, Williams helps drag the clerk to the ground then backs away while the juvenile continues hitting the clerk in the head, back, and face. The juvenile is yelling “Don’t you hit my mama!” During the fight, the clerk is on the ground yelling for help while the juvenile beats her. Williams is heard saying, “Get her.” The clerk stated that she knew the girl hitting her was a teenager and she wasn’t going to fight a juvenile. So she just curled up to protect herself as best she could. The fight finally ends and the clerk gets up and runs inside the store. As she gets up, Williams asks her, “Are you done?” The clerk gets up and moves toward the door. Williams steps in front of the door and asks again, “Are you done?” The clerk pushes Williams aside and goes in the store. Williams turns around, picks up something off the ground, and walks away. The video ends there. 



The clerk went into the store’s bathroom and called 911.



An officer arrived and spoke with the clerk. The officer then headed over to Amberwood Apartments, where Williams lives. The officer found Williams’s vehicle near unit B-4 and knocked on the door. Quinn Davis, 36, opened the door. He appeared to be intoxicated at the time, the incident report states. Davis admitted that he had been at the store and watched the fight. The officer saw two of the juveniles who weren’t involved in the altercation inside the apartment. The report states that Williams wouldn’t allow the officer to search the apartment. The officer asked where Williams was and, the report states, Davis told the officer she was at several different locations. Officers looked at each place and Williams wasn’t there. The report also says that Davis was being loud and shouting profanities at the officers in front of the juveniles. 



The officer also discovered that Davis had an active criminal trespass warning for the apartment he was in at the time. Davis was arrested and charged with obstruction and criminal trespass.



Several hours later, the officer met with Williams at another convenience store. According to the report, Williams stated that the clerk was the aggressor. She said that the clerk had cussed at the children and she came to the store just to talk. Williams said that the clerk pushed her, causing her to stumble. In the aftermath, Williams’s hand got wrapped in the clerk’s jacket and that’s when the clerk hit her. Williams said that she started hitting the clerk in self-defense. Williams added that she did not know that her daughter was fighting the clerk. After the fight ended, Williams stated she left and went to another location. 



The video, however, shows that at least a portion of Williams’s story doesn’t add up. The officer agreed (the officer had seen the video by this time) and arrested Williams and charged her with battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Williams was transported to the Coffee County Jail, where she stayed until being released Monday. Her daughter who was involved in the fight was charged with battery, criminal trespass, and unruly juvenile. The juvenile was not detained. 



The clerk resigned immediately after the fight and no longer works at Adens. 

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