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Police officers arrest, jail three on Christmas morning

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Featured Police officers arrest, jail three on Christmas morning Submitted photos

On Christmas Day, three individuals were arrested by the Douglas Police Department after illegal substances were reportedly found in the suspect's pants legs during an on-person search, along with contraband discovered in the vehicle. 



A report states that on Christmas morning, at approximately 8:08 a.m., an officer pulled out of the farmer's market when she noticed a black Impala driven by 24-year-old Cameron Ibach. Ibach, according to the report, was "slumped over" while driving, leading the officer to get behind his vehicle. As the officer was driving behind Ibach, she noticed the car had a faulty passenger-side brake light and attempted to stop the vehicle. However, the vehicle did not stop.



The vehicle continued driving south and stopped at a stop sign at the four-way intersection of South Gaskin Avenue and Pine Street "for a good 10–11 seconds just as it slowly turned right on Pine Street." The vehicle then came to a complete stop on the side of the road just before Brooks Avenue.



According to the report, the officer walked up to the vehicle and spoke with Ibach, asking him to roll his window down so she could see the passengers in the back. She noted that Ibach's "demeanor was a little off," and when asked why he did not pull over, Ibach stated that he "did not see her." The backseat passenger, identified as 36-year-old Samuel Norris, then claimed the vehicle's occupants did not hear or see the officer because he had music playing.



The officer asked them if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle "due to a strong odor of marijuana," with all the occupants saying there was not. Ibach then began "placing his hands down as if he were attempting to reach for something," leading the officer to command him to place his hands on the steering wheel where they were visible. She reported that Ibach's eyes were bloodshot and constricted.



Norris told the officer they were "on the way to work doing construction," which the officer said she found "odd, being that it was Christmas." The suspect then "changed his story" and said he was taking Ibach to a job site.



Norris and the backseat passenger, identified as 32-year-old Dorisa Redmond, provided the officer with identification. However, the driver's license Redmond handed the officer did not belong to her. Redmond also gave a false date of birth when she was questioned, according to the report.



All the occupants were asked to step out of the vehicle, with Ibach "stumbling out" as he "could not stand on his own and could barely follow instructions when asked." Another officer arrived, searched Ibach, and discovered a white bottle down his pants leg, which reportedly contained a small clear bag of a hard crystal-like substance.



Norris was also searched, with officers reporting to have found a cigarette box that had a small bag with illegal contraband. According to the report, the box contained two round white pills with the imprint 460, a small clear Ziploc baggie with a purple powder substance, a small clear bag tied in a knot with a purple powder substance, and a small clear bag that contained a hard crystal-like substance.



The officer reported that during an on-person search of Redmond, eight small, peach-colored, oval pills imprinted with B705 were located down her pants leg when the officer shook her right leg. Redmond told the officer that the pills were "shoved down her pants by Norris trying to get her to conceal them in her vagina" when the officer activated her blue lights. She also stated that Norris tried to get her to "shove a blunt wrapper up her vagina that possibly contained methamphetamine."



During a vehicle search, officers also discovered another pill bottle in Redmond's property, which contained a clear bag with two white capsule pills with the imprint 555. Several other illegal items were reportedly discovered, including a needle that had a clear liquid on the passenger side, credit cards that did not belong to Redmond in her wallet, and a green leafy substance inside a blunt wrapper on the floorboard where Norris was sitting.



The officer spoke to Redmond, who claimed she "barely knew" Ibach and Norris but was picked up from a friend's house in Pearson. She stated that on her way to Douglas, Ibach and Norris were shooting methamphetamine and "trying to get her to shoot as well," but said she did not use meth. Redmond also told the officer that she used to be addicted to opiates and currently has Xanax prescribed to her, but said she did not have the prescription with her.



According to the officer's report, Norris admitted that the illegal contraband located on him was his and said he has been a pill addict for many years. He also stated that the substance found on him was "Roxy," more commonly known as oxycodone.



Ibach "refused to say anything," other than that he "knew he was already going to jail and that he had nothing to say."



The officer noted that the illegal contraband was seized, along with the credit cards and driver's license that did not belong to Redmond. All subjects were transported to the Coffee County Jail and initially placed on a 48-hour hold.



After further investigation, Ibach was charged with possession of methamphetamine, and Norris received counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine. Redmond was also charged with possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance and giving a false name and date of birth to a law enforcement officer.



Ibach, Norris, and Redmond have remained in the Coffee County Jail since their arrest.

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