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Douglas man charged with burglary after allegedly breaking in apartment in Oak Park

Jason Smith Submitted photo Jason Smith

Jason Nathaniel Smith, 51, of Douglas, has been arrested and charged with burglary after he allegedly climbed in the window of apartment #5 at 127 Green Oak Street on November 12.



According to a report from the sheriff’s office, the property owner stated that Smith had been hired to do some work at the apartment on November 10. Smith had completed the work, been paid, and returned the keys to the apartment. The complex’s maintenance supervisor had secured the apartment on November 11 around 7 p.m.



Smith allegedly returned to the apartment and climbed in a window on November 12. When a deputy arrived at the apartment, Smith opened the door and came outside holding two pair of shorts and some body wash. He said he had left the shorts and body wash at the apartment while he was working on it earlier that day and he returned to the apartment to get them. However, the maintenance supervisor stated that Smith hadn’t been there that day. The property owner also said that Smith knew he wasn’t supposed to be in the apartment.



According to the report, nothing was missing from the apartment. The window was broken out and there was an extension cable running between apartments #2 and #3 through the window of #5 that wasn’t supposed to be there, either. 



Officers arrested Smith and charged him with burglary in the first degree. He was transported to the Coffee County Jail.

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