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I always thought is was INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY? Huh? What happened to that? So now peoples names can be smeared, for LIFE, because someone has a vendetta? And what is up with the first two 'inmates' getting a bond, but Gorman is still being held without a bond? Gorman was "ALLEGEDLY seen ......kissing in what was described as an "inappropriate" manner;", while the first one was 'allegedly' sending NUDE pictures of himself, and the second one 'allegedly sexually ASSAULTED (someone) in a rear bedroom of a residence where she had been attending a party' . . . . but they both have bonds but NOT Gorman? How corrupt is this system? Is someone being railroaded? I think YES! And then, statements in the Gorman case have been twisted, and misrepresented as well. The people in charge have even tried to TRAP the family into false things about Gorman. Gorman is NOT a threat to society, he has NO RECORD, never been in trouble, (except a seatbelt ticket). They REFUSE to give Gorman any money that has been placed on his books, they have denied him medical attention when needed EXCEPT FOR ONCE, and when he DOES ask for medical attention, he is told - -:"I don't work for you" Before they run SLANDEROUS stories, they should let charges stick first, and people be CONVICTED first, instead of just being ACCUSED of something. I aint saying that ANY OF WHAT HAS BEEN ACCUSED is ok, just reporters and the JAIL should not just be putting things out there without PROOF, and so far, in the Gorman case, there has been no PROOF as of yet. Like I said, it looks like they are about to railroad a 20 year old!