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Wiregrass Tech admission requirements made easier during crisis 

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Admission requirements to enter Wiregrass Georgia Technical College have been made a little easier in the wake of the nation's COVID-19 pandemic.  The Technical College System of Georgia has provided all TCSG colleges the leeway to admit students for summer semester using a variety of methods that do not include placement testing (use of Accuplacer) or the submission of ACT or SAT scores as well as the ability to accept unofficial transcripts. 

The suspension of the placement exam, ACCUPLACER, still provides Wiregrass the ability to use other methods already in place to allow an applicant to continue the enrollment process. Wiregrass will evaluate program readiness in a number of different ways to ensure student success. 

The suspension of the requirements for official high school or high school equivalency transcripts for admission to Wiregrass allows applicants who wish to begin this summer the ability to continue their admission process. In the interim, students may submit unofficial transcripts until the colleges resume normal business operations. The students will then have the ability to submit official documents to the college without affecting their current enrollment.

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is currently open during normal business hours through virtual methods, while remaining physically closed to the public. All academic and adult education classes will continue using a variety of electronic delivery methods during this time. The college is still registering new students for Summer Semester through their online applications found on the college's website.  Full term Summer Semester classes start May 18 and Summer Express begins June 1. Please monitor for updated information and resources.

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