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School system exceeds state on CCRPI

School system exceeds state on CCRPI

The College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores were just released by the Georgia Department of Education. The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability measurement as required by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and provides a comprehensive roadmap to help educators, parents, and community members to promote and improve college and career readiness for all students.

Coffee County Schools experienced an increase on the CCRPI in 10 of the 12 schools in the district and increased its overall score from 2018 by 7.6 percent. The system’s overall score of 77 is 1.1 percentage points above the state average of 75.9. The Coffee County elementary school CCRPI score of 77.5 is above the state average of 77.1. The district middle school CCRPI score of 74.6 is also above the state average of 72.1. And, the high school score of 77.7 is above the state high school score of 77.  

The district showed tremendous growth in the Closing Gaps component of the CCRPI overall as well as the Readiness component for elementary schools. The district four year Graduation Rate is at an all-time high of 84.16 compared to the state overall score of 82. Over all the Coffee County School System exceeded the State CCRPI Score at the Elementary, Middle and High School levels. Coffee County Schools also exceeded the State on four and five year graduation rates. This is the first time Coffee County Schools have exceeded the State in all areas of the CCRPI. 

2019 and 2018 CCRPI scores are directly comparable. Scores from prior years are not comparable because the state made improvements to the CCRPI calculation as part of its State ESSA Plan. The 2018 CCRPI was the first to use the new calculation. 

“We are so proud of the work that is going in our classrooms and schools here in Coffee County! All of our teachers and staff have been committed to raising student achievement and have remained focused on our mission of Destination Graduation for College, Career and Life. Our students have worked hard, and our families are focusing their young people on education like never before. While we want to celebrate this achievement, we need to continue to strive for equity and excellence in our schools to create a stronger community for all,” commented Dr. Morris Leis, Superintendent.

The overall district score on the 2019 CCRPI was 77, with scores of 77.5 for elementary, 74.6 for middle, and 77.7 for high. 


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