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GWC journalism students visit SGSC

GWC journalism students visit SGSC Submitted Photo

Lexie Southerland, Journalism student at GWCFC      

Recently the George Washington Carver Freshman Campus' (GWCFC) Journalism class visited South Georgia State College (SGSG). When arriving at the college the Journalism class was welcomed by Nikolaos Hutto. Hutto is currently a Business teacher and lead recruiter at SGSC. When going into Engram Hall, the class was taken to the second floor for a brief presentation.  Some of the topics that were discussed in the presentation were: the cost of college, Move On When Ready (MOWR) program with SGSC, dorms, and much more.  

After going through the presentation, the class was directed to William S. Smith Library.  Once stepping into the college library, everyone felt like it was very different from the ones that they are of accustomed.  Students and staff at SGSC refer the Thrash Hall as "The White House" on campus as the place where someone would go when they done something really bad or really good.  Every graduation is held at the fountain, which is surrounded by Powell Hall, Peterson Hall, and Davis Hall.

While walking around the campus, Hutto guided the students to the Dining Hall, where we got to see how everything is split up into different kinds of meals.  After seeing the Dining Hall the students then took at look at the old gym which is now a place where students can go between classes and enjoy some free time. The next stop on the tour was Tiger Village. Tiger Village is where some of the dorms are located. The GWCFC freshmen got to take a short tour through one of the dorms to see what college dorm rooms are like. After heading back to Engram Hall, Hutto happily answered any questions that the freshman had.

Alexis Windham, who was one of the freshman students on the trip added that, "It was a good experience for everyone, and I believe we all enjoyed it." The SGSC visit was a great way for the GWCFC students to explore the campus and experience a little college before they have to start making decisions about where they will attend college and what they will study when they get there.        


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