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Coffee County peanut maturity

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Coffee County peanut maturity

By John McLemore, County Extension Agent

Peanut harvest is almost upon us. Beginning Monday, September 9, I will host Coffee County's annual Peanut Maturity Clinic Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am until the end of September at the Coffee County Extension Office. Peanut growers, should you need your peanut's maturity checked prior to September 9 or after the end of September please contact me by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by bcalling the Extension office at 912-384-1402. Below is peanut sampling procedure created by the University of Georgia Extension.

Peanut Sampling Procedure

A peanut maturity check will be only as accurate as the sample that you take. Pull or dig up at least five to six adjacent plants from at least three representative parts of a field which can be dug in one day. Be sure to dig around for any pods that may have come unattached when you pull them up and be sure to put them in the sample. Pick off peanuts from equal number of plants from all three locations to get the total number of peanut pods and to get an average.  Pick ALL the peanuts off the plants until you get around 200 peanuts (a sample should contain between 180 and 220 peanut pods) or with the 06G variety roughly a 32 oz. container full.  We need enough, but not too many!  If it will be a while before you can bring the sample, then pick off the sample and keep the peanuts in a bucket or 1-gallon zip lock bag with enough water to cover them and to keep them fresh. It is critical this year to know the variety, planting date, dry land or irrigated, insect and disease issues (if any), peg strength and weather forecast.

Increase in Silverleaf Whitefly and Aphid Populations

This growing season has been challenging for growers. Growers have been battling early-season heat stress, limited rainfall, and above average disease and insect pressure. Although several parts of the county have received a few inches of rainfall in the past two weeks it is not enough. The late-season rainfall has only benefited late planted cotton; inadvertently, igniting disease outbreak and rebuild of insect populations.

While traveling throughout the county last week, I observed several fields impacted by limited amounts of rainfall and late season insect infestation. Silverleaf Whitefly population in Coffee County was low a few weeks ago, but has progressively increase since then. Last week, Dr. Phil Roberts UGA Extension Entomologist, confirmed that the Silverleaf Whitefly population has migrated East of Tifton. While scouting a few fields throughout the county last week I can confirm silverleaf whitefly and aphid populations are increasing throughout the county. These insects could have a negative impact on cotton yields especially late planted cotton. Growers and crop consultants should remain vigilant about scouting for insects in late planted cotton. For silverleaf whitefly management and thresholds information, please read an article posted by UGA extension titled, "Managing Silverleaf Whiteflies in Cotton." The link to aforementioned article is https://extension.uga.edu/content/dam/extension-county-offices/burke-county/anr/07-17-anr-silverleaf-whitefly-cotton.pdf.

The University of Georgia Extension and Coffee County ANR extension program is committed to helping the community move forward, and continue to be of value to the community as much as the community is of value to UGA extension. Coffee County ANR extension agent can be reached by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or office phone (912-384-1402).

Remember, if you ate today please thank a farmer!

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