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Jenny Carver, who has cared for over 10,000 babies, to retire in 2021

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Jenny Carver Submitted photo Jenny Carver

If you were born at Coffee Regional Medical Center in the past 44 years, there is a good chance that Jenny Carver cared for you in the nursery. Today, she is still devoted to the newest members of our community.


When Jenny began her career, the hospital was much smaller and known as Coffee County Hospital. She started her journey as an LPN in the Medical unit of Coffee County Hospital in October of 1976. The following year, she found out she was pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Upon returning to work, she learned that there was a position available in the nursery. She immediately applied, excited for the opportunity to assist women through the same life-changing experience she just had. Coffee Regional Medical Center's current Executive VP and Chief Quality Officer, Sherry Thomas, managed the nursery at the time and selected Jenny for the nursery position.


Jenny reminisces about how different life turned out from her original plans as a young nurse, "I never planned to get my RN, but life brings all kinds of surprises." As Douglas continued to grow, it was apparent that a new, larger, state-of-the-art hospital was needed to serve the community better. These plans included a large mother and baby wing that held a spacious and better-equipped nursery. The new nursery would be Jenny's "work home," a place where she has dedicated her life-long career to caring for more than 10,000 babies.


Jenny has experienced many changes in the world of medicine and nursing, during her career. Jenny commented specifically on the technological advancements and how these have impacted patient care, "With the different scans and sonograms you can perform on patients these days, we are more prepared going into the delivery room. Although challenges still arise, our team is ready to handle just about anything." Early in her career, she recalled a patient expecting her first child and was surprised when two healthy babies were delivered. "With the technology, we have now, that kind of surprise rarely happens anymore!" Jenny also said, "I've been fortunate to work with some great physicians. We are a team, and the support has been wonderful. We always support each other and help one another."


Proudly looking back on her lengthy career, Jenny has many fond memories. From seeing the babies she delivered grow up and have babies of their own, to being a part of a special moment in the lives of friends and family, Jenny has memories to last a lifetime. Jenny recently received a visit from a young woman who, inspired by Jenny's kindness and compassion, decided to enroll in nursing school and follow in her footsteps. Jenny leaves an impact on everyone she interacts with, and her heart for her job truly shines through in her care.


"People often ask me if I've seen it all," she laughed, "I tell them 'no, and I don't want to!'" Jenny has devoted her life to the care of babies born in Coffee County. The hours she has dedicated to welcoming new life to our community are countless, and she's indeed left a legacy of exceptional care. Although she admits it will be difficult leaving a place she has called home for the past 40 years, Jenny plans to retire this year. Jenny has left a permanent handprint on Coffee Regional's hearts and each life she has warmly welcomed to the world. 

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