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City to begin work on water line, Evergreen Avenue construction

Featured City to begin work on water line, Evergreen Avenue construction

Two important construction projects will begin inside the city over the next couple of weeks that may cause some inconveniences for citizens in the surrounding areas.

On Monday January 11, the City of Douglas Water Department/ESG Operations will begin the process of connecting a new water main on Highway 32 West. Earlier this year, a water line was relocated for the DOT project which widened Highway 32 West. To connect the new water main a disruption of water services, such as water outages and discolored water, will occur.


The reconstruction of Evergreen Avenue is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. During this time parts of the road may be closed or reduced to a single lane of traffic. Construction will include removal of all concrete, replacement of the roadbed, and repaving the street.


Please be mindful of the construction projects and employees working on the roadside. Drivers may want to allow more time to reach destinations during the construction period. Water may be temporarily disconnected at locations. Water will become rusty or cloudy. Before washing clothes or cooking, please allow the water run to run clear before using it. Customers who experience water discoloration should allow the water to run until it runs clear. This will clear the line of any rust that might have dislodged from the pipes. If there are questions or concerns, please call the City of Douglas Water Department at 912-389-3444.

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