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Coffee Regional represented on 2019 Rose Parade float

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Coffee Regional represented on 2019 Rose Parade float Submitted photo

Coffee Regional Medical Center was pleased to partner with LifeLink of Georgia to honor and remember those who gave the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. On January 1, 2019 the Donate Life Rose Parade Float, titled Rhythm of the Heart, included a dedication garden made up of roses with handwritten notes by hospital CEO’s from across the country, including Vicki Lewis, CEO of Coffee Regional.


The float was covered in dedicated flowers celebrating transplant recipients and living donors, honoring deceased donors, and thanking individuals and groups who support and take part in the donation and transplantation community. Each dedicated rose was placed in an individual vial that carried a unique and personal message of love, hope, and remembrance. Vicki Lewis shared, “With this rose dedication, CRMC publically recognized our staff’s dedication and commitment to organ and tissue donation. We are pleased to partner with LifeLink of Georgia on this project and honored to have been a part of this celebration of life watched by millions on New Year’s Day.”


Celebrating its 16th year in the Rose Parade, the Donate Life float continued its mission to save lives and heal by delivering the message of organ, eye and tissue donation to the world. "Rhythm of the Heart,” highlighted the musical diversity and rhythms of Africa. Djembe drums from Senegal, along with a Kuba drum from the Congo, featured 44 floral portraits honoring the brave lives of deceased donors. Overlooking the detailed floragraphs was a double Senufo mask from the Ivory Coast that gave thanks to ancestors and remembered those who have passed away. The double face suggested male and female, past and present generations, and the power of donation. The instruments were chosen for the float design since they play important roles in the storytelling nature of African songs. At the rear of the float were Chiwara headdresses from Mali, which are featured in dances that teach youth the value of community. Eighteen living donors and transplant recipients rode on the float while an additional eight walked beside it. In addition to a vast array of tropical foliage and flowering materials imported from Africa, more than 25,000 roses were displayed throughout the float.

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