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BOE member Ronnie Johnson ill, hospitalized

Ronnie Johnson and his wife, Mamie Photo courtesy of the Trojan Touchdown Club Facebook page Ronnie Johnson and his wife, Mamie

District 1 school board member Ronnie Johnson remains hospitalized in the Coffee Regional Medical Center Intensive Care Unit after becoming ill this week. Johnson, a diabetic who has had numerous health issues over the last few years, had both a heart catheterization and surgery to remove his gall bladder this week. He remains in critical condition and family members are asking for your prayers during this time.

Johnson is the longest-tenured member currently serving on the board. During his career on the board, he has seen just about everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Currently, the school board is as stable and productive as it has been in many years, and Johnson is an important reason why.

He has at times been a controversial figure and his to-the-point bluntness hasn’t always set well with community members. One constant, however, is his unwavering desire to serve the children and families of Coffee County. Even if you didn’t agree with Johnson’s tactics, there was no denying who he always put first. A strong proponent of literacy and mathematics, Johnson wanted to make sure that the children of this system had the resources they needed to succeed. He also advocated strongly for those who worked behind the scenes within the system – the bus drivers, lunchroom workers, custodial staff, and paraprofessionals. He always wanted to make sure each and every individual in the system had a voice and someone they could talk to.

Over the last few years, Johnson’s health has failed as he battled diabetes. Through all the complications, he remained committed to the task of serving the children of the system. This latest health scare is his most dire yet. We are praying for you, Ronnie, and we wish you a speedy and complete recovery. You have done great things for this school system and your work here is not yet complete.

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