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Code Enforcement: Don't forget yard sale permit

The City of Douglas Code Enforcement Division would like to remind individuals that a permit is required to have a yard sale within the city limits. Yard Sale Permits are $5.00 and can be obtained at the City of Douglas Customer Service office located at 800 S. Peterson Avenue.


“With the spring weather, we are seeing an increased number of yard sales within the City of Douglas,” says Rodger Goddard, City Marshal. “We want to remind people to obtain a permit before hosting a yard or garage sale to avoid a citation.”


The Code Enforcement Division is preparing to increase patrol of quality-of-life issues in Douglas which includes regulating yard sales, also known as rummage or garage sales; which may be held by individuals to dispose of personal items no longer needed. The permit shall be issued by the city for a fee of $5.00. According to City Code Chapter 10; Article 1, Section 10-1, only two sales may be held by an individual in any calendar year, and they may not last more than two consecutive days. A yard sale may be conducted on any property located in the city provided the owner or lessee grants permission for the sale to be so held. Proof of owner permission is required for the permit.


If a person does not obtain a yard sale permit, a citation will be issued that may include a fine of up to $1,000. For more information, please contact the City of Douglas Code Enforcement office at 912-389-3462.

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