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Pulmonary Rehabilitation opens at Coffee Regional Medical Center

Coffee Regional Medical Center's new Pulmonary Rehabilitation program will help patients experiencing chronic lung problems. The program targets patients with lung conditions such as emphysema, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, and other conditions causing reduced lung volume. This program was designed under the guidance of local Pulmonologist Bhavdip Patel, M.D., to help patients improve their quality of life.


The program will focus on education to provide patients knowledge of their medications, proper use of oxygen therapy, breathing techniques, and when to seek medical intervention. Patients are also offered supervised exercise classes,as well as education about the patient's specific lung disease or condition. With rehabilitation, patients may see an improvement in lung capacity during physical activity. They will also learn how to maintain healthy behaviors for lung health, such as smoking cessation, proper nutrition, and exercise. "Our goal is for each patient to have improved outcomes and lead a better life with their lung condition," said Pulmonary Rehab Director Danny McCarty.


Pulmonary Rehab is held each week at The Wellness Center, located on the Coffee Regional Medical Center campus in Suite R at 200 Doctors Drive. The program is under the direction of Danny McCarty, MBA, and a pulmonary rehabilitation specialist team including Respiratory Therapist Holly Kennedy, Exercise Physiologist Bethany Cox, and Registered Nurse Vashti Werntz.


A physician referral is required to participate. Most insurance plans cover monitored sessions, and our staff will contact your insurance plan once a referral is received. To learn more or speak with someone about how you can join this exciting new program, call the Wellness Center at Coffee Regional Medical Center at (912) 383-6988.

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