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Use your tax dollars to help CRMC

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Did you know you can keep your state tax dollars local and help enhance the care of citizens in the community at the same time?

That’s right - there’s no catch! Instead of paying the State of Georgia the income tax money you owe, you can designate your tax dollars to Coffee Regional Medical Center (CRMC) and make a real difference in the lives of individuals’ right here in Coffee County. 

In 2016, the Georgia General Assembly passed legislation that enables Georgia taxpayers to receive a state income tax credit for 100 percent of the amount they contribute to qualified rural hospital organizations. The Georgia Department of Community Health has qualified Coffee Regional Medical Center (CRMC) as an eligible rural hospital organization (“RHO”).

Out of 56 participating hospitals, CRMC is ranked 14th in order of most financial need. CRMC has partnered with Georgia Heart to simplify this opportunity for contributors and to assist with the other administrative support of the rural tax credit program. 

The 2020 donation period is open. From January 1 through June 30 of this year, the following limits apply with respect to Georgia HEART contributions:

  • In the case of a single individual or a head of household, a 100 percent Georgia income tax credit for contributions to RHOs, up to a limit of $5,000;
  • In the case of a married couple filing a joint return, a 100 percent Georgia income tax credit for contributions to RHOs, up to a limit of $10,000; and
  • An individual who is a member of a limited liability company, shareholder of an "S" Corporation, or partner in a partnership (pass-through entities) is allowed a 100 percent Georgia income tax credit for up to $10,000 of the amount they contribute to a RHO, so long as they would have paid Georgia income tax in that amount on their share of taxable income from the pass-through entity
  • A “C” Corporation or trust shall be allowed a 100 percent Georgia income tax credit for contributions to RHOs equal to the amount of the contribution, or 75 percent of the corporation's or trust’s income tax liability, whichever is less.

This year, Georgia taxpayers can access $60 million of Rural Hospital Organization (RHO) tax credits, with each qualified hospital having access to $4 million of tax credits, until the total annual $60 million cap is met.   

CRMC’s priority is to enhance the types of quality care patients in the region can receive right here at home. Thus far, donations through this funding have assisted in offering oncology and chemotherapy services within the walls of CRMC, provided additional orthopedic surgery services following the recruitment of four fellowship trained surgeons and the purchase of new equipment, and delivered additional cardiac services including diagnostic and interventional cardiology as well as cardiac rehabilitation at CRMC.

So act now and help improve health care in the community for you and your loved ones through this special opportunity. Hurry – time is limited. Once the cap allowed by the State of Georgia is reached, no other applications will be accepted.

For more information on the Georgia HEART Program or to apply for the program, please visit www.georgiaheart.org or contact Ms. Walda Kight, CRMC Foundation Director, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 912-383-6910.

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