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Dr. James Banks publishes second book, hosts book signing in Douglas

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Dr. James Banks, a minister and educator/administrator from Douglas, has recently published his second book. Titled “Stuck: Living in Denial Will Prohibit Your Mobility.” He will have a book signing Saturday, June 25, 2022, from noon to 3 pm at the Performing Arts Center at Coffee High School.



Here is a synapsis of the book: During this time of a pandemic season and beyond, I hope to articulate a message in my book that you do not have to be stuck when you find out the root cause of your problem(s). Many situations arise because there are so many variations of sin used by the enemy to deceive people into thinking they have what they do not have. Today, not tomorrow, quit trying to please whoever it is that does not appreciate you on your job, church, school, college, team, family, relationship, or marriage. God has a door appointed for you to go through. Living in denial will delay/prohibit your mobility. Do not suppress your innermost feelings when you know you were once free, but now it feels like a trap within everyday life because of what somebody does or does not do. Life is meant to bring about trials and tribulations; however, if you can unravel the hidden truths, you are destined to be set free. Take charge and put action to your repetitive thoughts of what you constantly think about doing continually. At some point in life, you have to ask God for the revelation to say enough is enough. Otherwise, through time, you will accumulate multiple regrets which will cause you to be incarcerated from your choices. Today, please break free and move into your destiny. Do not bury yourself while you still live. Please act upon a solution, get away from denial, and make that long-awaited change that gets you away from being stuck. Hence, that level of immobility will penetrate your mind until you take action. After you conclude to take action, you will not have to look back anymore: ". . .Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord. The Lord will fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace" (Exodus 14:13a-14 KJV). Remember, sometimes, if not all the time, you must take feasible action for change. Failure to do so could result in being STUCK: Living In Denial Will Prohibit Your Mobility.

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